How much does it cost to download PayWithIt®?

Absolutely nothing. PayWithIt is a 100% free application to download from major app stores.

Is there any activation fee for PayWithIt?

PayWithIt is a free to download application. There is no charge for activating this application on your device.

Does TrustCommerce charge a gateway fee?

PayWithIt is included with your TrustCommerce gateway account. There are no additional mobile payment set up fees. In addition to PayWithIt, all TrustCommerce gateway accounts include access to the following products and services at no additional cost! 

  • TC Vault (our Virtual Terminal)

  • Comprehensive Reporting

  • Custom Fields

  • TC Link API

  • Batch Upload and Settlement

  • TC Trustee API

How can I order a new encrypted reader for my PayWithIt application?

Please send your inquiries to equipment@trustcommerce.com. One of our support team members will contact you shortly. 

I have downloaded the application. How do I sign up for an account?

You would need a Merchant Credit Card Processing Account to be able to accept credit card payments and a Merchant Banking Account for depositing the funds.

I don't have a merchant account. Can you issue me one?

Yes, TrustCommerce offers Merchant Services. Please contact a Solutions Consultant at 800.915.1680 for assistance with this step.